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    What to Do with Old Car Floor Mats?

    What to Do with Old Car Floor Mats?

    Car floor mats, the unsung heroes of our vehicles, often go unnoticed until they start showing signs of wear and tear. But what do you do when your old car floor mats have served their purpose and it's time for a change? In this article, we'll explore creative and practical ways to repurpose, recycle, or dispose of your old car floor mats.

    Evaluate the Condition of Your Old Mats

    The first step is to assess the current state of your old floor mats. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

    • How long have you had the mats? Are they simply dirty or are they falling apart from extensive wear and tear? Mats that are just dirty have a better chance of being restored vs. those that are completely threadbare or have holes.
    • What material are the mats made from? Rubber mats tend to hold up better over time compared to fabric mats. Fabric mats may not be worth trying to salvage if they are too far gone.
    • Do the mats have any custom logos or designs that you want to keep? Unique mats with logos or designs may be worth extra effort to clean and preserve.
    • Are the mats fitted for a specific vehicle or are they generic rectangle/square shapes? Fitted mats are harder to repurpose for other uses.

    Carefully look over each mat and determine if they are realistically salvageable or ready to be replaced. If they are caked with years of dirt and grime, read on for cleaning suggestions.

      Repurposing Old Car Floor Mats

      One of the most eco-friendly ways to deal with old car floor mats is to repurpose them. Here are a few creative ideas:

      Use as a Boot Tray

      During rainy or snowy seasons, wet and muddy boots can create a mess in your home. An old car floor mat, especially a rubber one, can serve as a boot tray near your front door. It's an excellent way to keep your floors clean and dry.

      Create a Pet Feeding Station

      If you have pets, an old car floor mat can be a lifesaver. Place your pet's food and water bowls on the mat to catch any spills or messes. This is particularly useful if you have a waterproof car floor mat.

      DIY Doormat

      Why buy a new doormat when you can make one yourself? With a bit of creativity, you can transform an old car floor mat into a unique doormat. This is a great way to repurpose cute car floor mats or anime car floor mats that you no longer need in your vehicle.

      Garden Kneeling Pad

      Gardening can be tough on the knees. An old car floor mat, especially a rubber one, can serve as a comfortable kneeling pad. It's waterproof, easy to clean, and provides excellent cushioning.

      Shelf Liner

      Old car floor mats can also be used as shelf liners. They can protect your shelves from scratches and provide a non-slip surface. This is particularly useful in the garage or workshop where tools and other items may slide around.

      Vehicle Trunk Liner

      If you often carry heavy or dirty items in your vehicle's trunk, consider using an old car floor mat as a trunk liner. It can protect the trunk's floor from damage and is easy to remove and clean.

      Recycling Old Car Floor Mats

      If your old car floor mats are beyond repurposing, recycling is a great option. Here are a few more ways to recycle old car floor mats:

      Donating to Local Schools or Art Centers

      Some schools or art centers may appreciate the donation of old car floor mats for various projects. For example, 3D car floor mats can be used in art projects, while heavy-duty car floor mats can be used in shop classes.

      Recycling Programs

      Some car floor mat manufacturers have recycling programs. They take back old mats and recycle them into new products. This is a great way to ensure your old car floormats are disposed of responsibly.

      Manufacturer Take-Back Programs

      Some car floor mat manufacturers offer take-back programs. They take back old mats and recycle them into new products. This is a great way to ensure your old car floor mats are disposed of responsibly.

      Disposing of Old Car Floor Mats

      If your old car floor mats are beyond repurposing or recycling, the last resort is disposal. However, it's crucial to dispose of them responsibly to minimize environmental impact.

      Local Waste Management Facilities

      Your local waste management facility may accept old car floor mats for disposal. However, it's essential to check their policies first as some facilities may not accept certain materials.

      Special Disposal Events

      Some communities host special disposal events for items that aren't typically accepted in regular trash or recycling pick-ups. These events are a great opportunity to dispose of old car floor mats responsibly.

      Replace Damaged Sections of Car Floor Mats

      If only certain portions of your car mats are worn out, you can replace just those sections instead of replacing whole mat sets. Here's how:

      • Assess which portions are damaged - typically it's where your feet rest when driving. Look for holes, tears, delaminating layers, or excessive thinning.
      • Measure the dimensions of the section you want to replace. Include some overlap so you can seam the new and old material together.
      • Purchase new automotive carpet or rubber matting from an auto parts store. Have them custom cut your measured sections.
      • Thoroughly clean the mats to prep the surface for adhesion. Scuff with sandpaper for the best results.
      • Apply adhesive (contact cement or epoxy) evenly to the back of the new material and mat surface. Let dry until just tacky.
      • Align the new section and press firmly into place. Use a roller to smooth out uneven sections. Wipe away any excess adhesive.
      • If desired, use matching automotive carpet thread to create small seams around the edges for a tidy look.

      Replacing only the most damaged portions of your mats is an affordable way to get more life out of them. With some basic handiwork skills, you can have mats that look brand new again.


      Old, tired car floor mats don't have to hit the trash can just yet. As we covered, you have a lot of options to restore, repurpose, protect, or customize your mats so you can get more life out of them. With some inexpensive supplies, elbow grease, and creativity you can save money and reduce waste by reviving the mats you already own. Whether refurbishing your original mats or going in a new DIY direction, you can make your car floors look great while being kind to your wallet and the environment.